Support your small local businesses!

Palm Beach County is a special community. We have many beautiful sights and places to visit. In addition to our artistry and charm, we have a wide variety of small businesses. These small businesses are the backbone of our community, and many have suffered greatly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Too many are at risk of being forced to close. On the upside, as more people are vaccinated, restrictions will begin to lift and the public can feel safer patronizing these businesses. As a small local business ourselves, we are in full support of our local residents getting back out there and seeing what we have to offer. We have made a commitment to lift up our fellow small business owners and staff, and encourage you to try out a small local business instead of the larger corporate chains you may be shopping in. Many of the types of products and services these businesses offer are specialized, and the service you will receive is personalized. You will have access to quality products that you may not be able to find in other retail locations, and because these businesses need to work harder to stay relevant, they are always changing up their products and services. Variety is key. Also, the small business owner has more time to answer questions and provide you with a friendly, detailed shopping experience. They rely on word of mouth, so they strive to give every customer a positive shopping experience so they will tell a friend. Lastly, a great way to help out your local small business is by following them on social media, liking their posts, and sharing them with friends, family, and colleagues. SUPPORT A SMALL BUSINESS TODAY!

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