Koi: Where it all starts

Aren't they gorgeous? Not only are they beautiful creatures, they are an integral part of our growing process. The waste from the koi is converted into plant food, through a process known as nitrification. We chose koi because not only are they pretty, but they secrete a large amount of waste relative to other fish, and they all get along quite well together. If you've been to our store in the past, you can see from the video how much they've grown these past few months! We were very surprised ourselves. The large orange and white one you see in the picture on the left has easily doubled in size since we got him. We are very fond of our fish and we make sure they get the best care and food we can provide. After all, healthy fish means healthy plants, and healthy plants are the most nutritious and beneficial for your body. Come in and see us today for a white variety of sprouts, microgreens, and leafy greens and herbs, all grown with the power of koi!

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