Freshly roasted coffee!

Let's talk coffee for a minute. Coffee comes from all around the world, so how do you know which kind is best? Well, coffee obtains its flavor from the different soils and environments it grows in, so each country has their own unique flavor. The beans that we choose to sell in our store are of the highest quality. Oceana Coffee sources from only the top 5 percent of coffee beans in the world, and the best part is, the beans are roasted in South Florida! This provides you with a superior product that is fresh and delicious. We sell 12 ounce bags of whole beans for $16.99, or you can come get a double espresso shot for just $2.99. The blend of bean we choose to brew in-house is the Espresso Blend. This blend is specifically built to be drank in the espresso form, with rich flavor and balanced sweetness. Come see us and get your caffeine buzz on today!

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