Benefits of Indoor Aquaponics

We at Hooked on 'Ponics are big fans of the indoor aquaponic growing process. That is why we chose to utilize this method to provide quality produce that is efficiently grown in a sustainable manner.

Firstly, aquaponics utilizes a fraction of the amount of water that soil-based farming does.This is particularly important because it allows food to be produced in areas where water is scarce. On average, a closed loop aquaponics system uses 90 percent less water than growing in soil. This allows us to preserve our precious natural fresh water sources and constantly reuse and recycle water. Since only 3% of the water on earth is fresh water, with over half of that 3% being innaccessible, the ability to save water is something that is invaluable.

Aquaponics also produces a fully organic product. Since the only thing that feeds the plants is naural fish emulsion, you can rest assured that you are eating food that is free of toxins, heavy metals, hormones and pesticides. If we used any of these toxins in our grow process, our fish would die. A system with healthy fish is indicative of a pure and healthy environment, which produces produce that is 100% organic.

Another benefit of aquaponis is that these systems can be built almost anywhere, and produce 150-200 percent more produce per square foot than traditional in-ground methods. This is because nutrients are suspended in the water column and are constantly replenished by the fishes' natural excretions. When growing in soil, plants need more spacing than in aquaponics because there are a limited amount of nutrients available per square foot of topsoil. The ability to grow vertically in aquaponics also eliminates the need for large tracts of land to produce food. This allows aquaponics to be implemented in urban areas indoors with the use of grow lights, which also reduces fossil fuel use for transporting goods to consumers. On average, food you buy in a supermarket comes from over 1,000 miles away. That is a huge problem for the environment, since fossil fuels are burned to transport that food, which releases harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

In short, aquaponics is the most efficient grow method in the world, especially when growing indoors. All you really need is electricity, which can be produced via sustainable methods, such as solar power. The plants and fish produced in aquaponics are pure, healthy, and 100% organic!

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